Storm Damages & Restorations

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Types of Storm Damage

Down here in Texas, the weather just doesn’t seem to quit! Here are the most common types of storm damage we encounter:

Two roofers repairing a storm-damaged roof.
Wind Damage

With severe weather comes intense winds, which can blow shingles off a roof as well as cause granule loss. This impacts your roof's water shedding capabilities.

Roofers repairing storm-damaged roof.
Hail Damage

Hail damage often leads to damage to your roof’s surface, which invites water and rot to enter your roofing system and ultimately, your home’s structural elements.

JL Contractor video instructing homeowners on how to inspect their roof for storm damage.
Fallen Debris

Whether its a tornado, a hurricane or straight-line winds, falling and flying debris can create serious damage to a roof, leading to a host of water-related issues.

Rain cascading down flat clay tile roof.
Water Damage

You might have noticed a common theme: water damage. Anytime water enters your roofing system, you will want to have it inspected by a professional.

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Storm Damage

Storm Damage Repair

Our expert team will be dispatched ASAP to your home.

After inspecting the property, we will communicate any issues and share inspection photos to help explain the damage that was observed.

Then, we create an action plan to restore your home.

Storm Damage Replacement

If your roof needs replacement, we will work with you to find a new roofing system that fits your budget, taste, and needs.

Insurance Claims Assistance

Our years of experience have made us incredibly knowledgeable about the claims filing process.

We can answer any questions you have about how this process works.

The Consequences Of
Storm Damage

After years of storm restoration, we have come across a common set of damages. Here are the most typical problems for homeowners we have encountered in our work.

Rain cascading down flat clay tile roof