Commercial Roof Maintenance

Looking for Commercial Roof Maintenance for your property?
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Why Commercial Roof Maintenance Matters

Regular roof maintenance keeps your properties safe, energy-efficient, and durable for the long haul.

Maintaining a roof is similar to maintaining your car.

Skip one too many oil changes, and you will end up paying for repairs that are multitudes more expensive than a quart of oil.

What is different with a roof is that there is no check engine light!

Benefits of Commercial
Roof Maintenance

Staying on top of your facility’s roof maintenance is one of the best ways building owners can save money in the long term.

Energy Efficiency

When a roof leaks, your building is not running at optimal efficiency.
By repairing minor damages, building owners can save money on their energy bills.


A damaged roof is an unsafe roof. By staying on top of maintenance,
you can make sure all your occupants, valuables, and property are fully protected. 


By addressing minor issues before they begin to damage your entire facility, roof maintenance increases the longevity of not only your roof but also your building!

Avoid Interruptions

Roof maintenance is much less invasive than a total replacement. A total roof replacement may shut down your entire operation for multiple days! 

How Often Do You Need Commercial Roof Maintenance?

At JL Contractors, we recommend hiring a professional to do maintenance twice a year. That said, we encourage building owners and property managers to call a professional for an inspection following any severe weather.