Commercial Roof Installations

Dallas-Fort Worth’s top choice for Commercial Roof Installations.

We Specialize in All Types of Commercial Roof Installations

Whether you need a new Metal, PVC, TPO, EPDM, or Photovoltaic (Solar) Roof, JL Contractors has you covered.

We are experienced in the installation of both flat and steep-sloped roofs.

Benefits of Professional Commercial Roof Installation

With a new roof, building owners can choose a roofing system that matches their budget, performance goals and aesthetic preferences. 

Latest Technology

Installing a new roof allows building owners to take advantage of cutting-edge technology, whether it be in energy savings or durability.

Warranty Coverage

With a new roof, building owners can be secure knowing that their roof is covered under a manufacturer’s warranty for years to come. 


A fresh roof with tehe latest technology brings building owners the most robust, resilient commercial roofs available today.

Energy Efficiency

A new roof is an efficient roof, whether it be from active sources like solar power, or passively effcient by being leak-free.


After a new installation, building owners can rest easy knowing their personnel, valuables, and buildings will be kept safe from the elements. 


A new roof makes a building look clean and professional. With a roof installation, building owners can choose their preferred style of roof.

The #1 Most Essential Factor in Roof Installation

There is one factor to consider that is vastly more important than any technical detail: which contractor to choose.

With an inexperienced, unprofessional contractor, you will run into inaccurate estimates, poor technique, and costly delays.

At JL Contractors, we recommend requesting an in-depth consultation. 

If your contractor is worth their salt, they will expertly guide you through material selection, lead times, estimates, and an in-depth timeline.