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Your Future Looks Bright With Solar

At JL Contractors, we provide cutting-edge solar power solutions for residential and commercial property owners.

We empower our clients financially by lowering their monthly energy costs while increasing their property values. 

How Solar Power Improves Your Life

Switching to solar power brings our customers countless benefits. 

To make these benefits crystal clear, we have streamlined some top benefits into this handy chart. 

Government Tax Credits

Our government is actively incentivizing people to switch to solar power. Typically, at least 30% of your solar system is paid for with tax credits, allowing you to pay off your new system ASAP! 


It’s no secret that solar power is excellent for the environment. Because these systems run off the sun, photovoltaic roofs take full advantage of a free, endless source of clean energy. 

Increased Property Value

Going solar instantly increases the value of your property. According to the Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory, homeowners can expect a $5,911 increase in value per kW. 10kW system? $59,110 value!

Bringing Solar to the Marketplace

Our Solar Process

There is no way around it: modern life runs off electricity, and the demand for it exponentially increases daily.

Do you know what also increases daily? The price of electricity.

We help our customers produce their own power instead of constantly paying more to the electric companies.

We’re passionate about bringing solar power solutions and all of their benefits to homeowners nationwide.

For our customers, It all starts with a free energy assessment by one of our experts.

Call us today! a brighter future awaits.
Site Survey
Final Design
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Utility Connection
Power On!

Six Stubborn Myths About Solar Power

Solar technology has evolved tremendously in the last decade. Understandably, there are still common misconceptions about solar panels that stem from the older versions’ shortcomings. To clear the air, here are the updated truths about solar systems.


"Solar Damages Roofs"

While the older systems were infamous for causing damage, our certified installers utilize newer mounting systems that are guaranteed not to damage your roof.


"Must Buy Storage"

While some Solar POwer systems are equipped with back-up batteries, they are not nessesary to utilize the power that you produce from your saloar panels


"Panels Need Full Sun to Work"

Older solar panels need full sun to produce power. Today’s solar panels can produce energy even on cloudy days! 


"Solar is Expensive"

Quite the opposite. Homeowners are choosing to switch from convention methods of generating power to Solar Power due tot he positive financial benefits.


"Only for Small Homes"

Solar Power systems are custom designed for the energy consumption that they are offsetting. Any home can benefit from producing its own power.


"Only for Large Homes"

The more electricity a home uses, the more electricity your system will need to produce. Your system is custom designed around your monthly electricity usage.

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