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We offer Commercial Roof Replacement to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro. Make your building safe again today.

Looking for a Commercial Roof Replacement?

At JL Contractors, we are ready to guide you through the roof replacement process. 

We will help you at every stage of the process and deliver your new roof on time and on budget. 
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Benefits of Having a New Commercial Roof

A new roof brings incredible value to any building. Here are some of the benefits:

Improved Safety

With a new roof comes new roofing technology, most of which is leaps and bounds more advanced regarding safety and durability. Moreover, one of our experts will inspect your roof before any replacement, allowing us possible safety issues. 

Increased Efficiency

When an older roof becomes weathered & damaged, it becomes less energy efficient, costing building owners on energy bills. Your roof will be brought up to current building standards while utilizing more advanced product technology.


With commercial roofing’s newest technologies, a new roof is an investment that can last building owners decades. We assist building owners in selecting the correct material in order to achieve the longest lifespan possible.

Warranty Coverage

Building Owners: do you know when the manufacturer’s warranty on your current roof expired? A current roof warranty brings peace of mind as well as increased property value.

Resale Value

As a major component of any building, the roof often becomes a topic of discussion when an owner puts the property up for sale. A new roof is an optimal component in contract price negotiations.


Depending on the type of material you choose, your new commercial roof can benefit the environment. Both Vegetative & White roofs lower cooling costs for building owners while fighting the Urban Heat Island Effect.

Commercial Roof Replacement:
What You Need to Consider

Replacing a commercial roof is a sizeable investment. 

Here are some crucial factors to consider when replacing a commercial roof.


With new roofing materials being developed constantly, building owners should consult a professional about which material best suits their building’s needs.

Time Of Year

Timing is essential when replacing a new roof. While timing depends on where you live, it is always best to get your replacement done before the severe weather begins.

Disposal Of Materials

When choosing a roofer, ask them how they typically deal with the disposal of refuse materials. If your roofer does not have a good game plan, we say: run!

JL Contractors Roofers reputation
Roofer´s Reputation

Cutting corners in commercial roofing is a recipe for disaster. Make sure to collect references from any potential roofer before signing a contract!