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Our Luxury Roofing Services

Whether you need tile, metal, solar, or any other type of luxury roof, JL Contractors has you covered. 

We work with industry-leading manufacturers to bring our customers the highest quality materials available on the market. 
JL Contractors fixing roof

Benefits of Luxury Roofing

Not just beautiful.
Luxury roofs also have practical benefits for homeowners: when you choose them, you are making a long-term investment. 

Home with grey synthetic clay tile roof.

Built to last, a homeowner can expect their roof’s lifespan to be doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled after choosing one.

Roofer installing a slate tile roof. 
Close-up of a Spanish clay tile roof.
Minimal Maintenance

Luxury roofing systems require minimal maintenance compared
to asphalt roofs, saving homeowners energy and money.

Close-up of a colorful tile roof.

Unlike common roofing materials, premium roofs are still made artisanally, bringing a unique curb appeal to any home. 

Photo of multiple overlapping clay tile roofs.

Much more sustainable than asphalt.
Most luxury roofing materials are recyclable, or are made of recycled materials.

Close-up of a synthetic tile roof.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Luxury Roof?

While it depends on the material used, a luxury roof can last from 45 years to multiple centuries! Right now, there are copper roofs that have been functional for over 800 years!