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Signs Your Commercial Roof Needs Repair

If you see any of these issues on your roof, call a professional ASAP.

High Energy Bills

When a roof is damaged, it runs less efficiently, causing an increase in your monthly energy costs.

Rain cascading down flat clay tile roof.
Moisture Problems

Dank odors, water stains, mold inside your building: These are  telltale signs your roof is leaking.


If you notice bubbles, your roof has almost certainly been compromised and is taking on water. 


If your roof sags, this is a sign that serious structural elements of your roofing system are damaged.

Rain cascading down flat clay tile roof.
Ponding Water

When your roof’s drainage systems become clogged or damaged, water is unable to drain and ponds.

visible Damage
Damaged Flashing

When Flashing is damaged, the joints of your roof are susceptible to water damage and deterioration. 

Commercial Roof Repair:

When Do You Need It?

Commercial roof repair is the best option for roofs that are only partially damaged, especially when the damage is contained to one part of the roof.

For example, if fallen debris has damaged only one part of an otherwise pristine roof, repairs are the perfect choice for a building owner or property manager.

Other circumstances that are perfect for repair are minor damages, such as small leaks, damaged flashing, clogged drains, or other less structural issues. 

At JL Contractors, our recommendation is that if more than 25% of the roof is damaged, a roof replacement would probably be the more cost-effective solution. 

Roof Repair vs.
Roof Replacement

Every roof is unique. There is no hard and fast rule to determine whether a repair or replacement is required for a roof.

At JL Contractors, we highly recommend scheduling an in-depth inspection with a roofer to determine the best course of action. 

That said, here is a broad overview of some factors that help us determine which solution is better for our clients.

Residential Roof Repairs
Roof Repair
When only part of a roof is damaged, or the damage is minimal, repairing a roof is often the best choice. Another consideration is the roof’s age: if a roof is old, oftentimes repairs are not worth it, as it would be like putting a small band-aid on a huge problem.
Residential roof replacement
Roof Replacement
Roof replacement is a clean slate, and is perfect for an old or severely damaged roof. Here is a handy rule of thumb: if more than 25% of a commercial roof is damaged, a roof replacement is often more cost-effective when compared to trying to piecemeal fix a multitude of issues.